Going Live.

Making an events happen is already hard enough. Problems arise from the woodwork as you figuring out a few questions such as…
1. How to get the audience to the location,
2. If the place is big enough to handle the audience,
3. How to getting an audience to interact back.

Going Live is one of the newest ways to reach an audience, with a dynamic ability only able to be achieved Live.

  • Writing and Controlling the Story.

    Telling your story is always the first priority of any Video Content, live is a great way to get a otherwise unfamiliar clientele to understand what you are trying to do.

    • Pushing a Product or Brand.

    • New Product Demonstrations.

    • Reporting on events as they unfold.

      • help an audience navagete events as they occur to help give them a more clear picture of what you are going for.

    • Locations

      • No Live Audience

        Are you not wanting to have a live audience? well we have you covered, Broadcasting from a closed set insures more information comes out without dealing with the hassle of having strangers show up to your live story telling experience.

      • Limited Space.

        A small audience means that the whole outreach will save on money and still have the potential of reaching a great online audience regardless of size of broadcast!

      • Large events

        Your events traffic may help you

        Having a way to report while having a Large event with multiple stages and a ton of people is imperative. Reporting Live can help get information to your audience even if they step away for a bit.

  • Reaching a Larger Audience even with Physical limitations.
    Events have limitations, such as locations for people to get to in a physical form may not always be possible, or many not be desired.

    • Capabilities of having an Endless Audience tuning in online!

      • Caps at venues and event halls are tough to deal with, knowing how many people will show up is always an educated guess at best, and know your dealing with a lot of different variables can be stressful… and with all the planning in the world does not mean nothing will happen….

    • Limited Space

      Limited space holding you back from trying to do and event or launch a product? Not with live.

      • Live can happen even with a very limited space, but please… no phone booths sized unless it is bigger on the inside. ;)

        Details on size will can be discussed.

  • Live Audience Response

    • Live Response to questions as they happen

    • Collecting information.

      • From having viewers sign up for email blasts to having them cast votes live while view can add a lot to an event while in a high-tech way dealing with the collections. You can still choose to ask for people to cast votes in a box at the front of a stage, but when you can do it on digital and have all the answers lined up in a moments notice at your fingertips, well… That is worth a smile.

  • Contribution, Sponsors and Revenue Streams

    From charities to passion projects, Organizers have needs to ask audiences for fundraising for number of different ways, and one good way to kick start a kick-starter or help to help give a bigger audience to a Charity event is with Live!

    • Passion Projects - Kick start a project by asking different communities online to help fund a project, And get a good kick off to help your kick-starter style projects jump in the beginning to help get interest in the project. Have people sign up to contribute right from the Live Video (depending on outlet)

    • Charities can broadcast Live from events changing there event from just a in person thing in to a Web-e-thon (Telethon on the web).

    • Sponsors Reach.
      Are your Events and products reaching an audience? Sponsors may want to advertise on your live stream to help market their products. This can be leveraged to get money or get product and services, that means more money for what really matters. This can become the whole revenue stream that your event needs to stay afloat.

This is the live broadcast from the American Brain Tumor Association .

So revolutionary It may change how you interact with your audience!

So revolutionary It may change how you interact with your audience!

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