Staying Uncomfortable pt 1

It all started out with a phone call from buddy of mine called Andy Patel. Hemans partners came up with a new product of a product they've already done before the glider is Balm that stops bleeding after you shave.   They have a new product that they wanted to hit, It was looking for a creative way to market. Calling us was the  creative way of marketing.  

 They had never worked with me in a official capacity before, Only knowing our work through reputation, they took a chance on us as we did on them. 

That's the 1st I ever met Kaivan Dave (a brilliant marketing guru) Im proud to call him a friend. 

 Come up with an idea for his new product that was a little out there, and he loved it.  We move forward with that,  but its a kickstarter so i cant   Allude to the contents of the project too much, But we're here to talk about a different project. 1M we can have 2 weeks after our conference call carbon reaches out to me and he has an idea. He has an idea to try to motivate the People I needed the most, And as euphoric as it was I found myself sitting at a Lake underneath a tree as he pitched the idea. 

He wanted to show that asked people who have made it in different industries how they did it. The concept is simple enough,  but the more you think about it, The more you realize that most of the people that do these kind of interviews never actually answer the important questions. How it all began when was the 1st time you saw your 1st jump up and what motivated you to keep going after you realized success wasn't gonna be an instant gratification type a thing.

And so I pondered. Around that time was when I met Josh. He recently help me with the orbit video that We help Produce.  A column up tell him Hey man tomorrow you wanna film with me a project I have no idea how it's going to turn out for no cash. Then he reiterated to me A-line that I told them the day before "I'm in this to maKe cool $hit, count me in."

 The next day 1st thing in the morning I talk to Kyle Van. We are moments away from just canceling the entire shot.  We hang up off the phone. I get up the flight of stairs I look outside see the Sun And once the light hit me I called them up and said I'm on my way.  

Get Our storage of our equipment in Josh is waiting for me. Eger to see where this adventure is gonna go.  

 Now remember this is last minute, Where in only a wife beater and a pair of blue jeans We pull up with the top off the Jeep in Cavan looks outside and goes wow you guys really do look like filmmakers.  The interview is the CEO from Poland that just landed and came out just for the shoot itself..

It was amazing.  

We are producing the whole thing from our own pockets,  and we couldn't be happier to do it.